Tuesday, June 9, 2009

rain rain go away!.xP

sometimes, i do love rain.but of course not all the time!.i really hate the rain when it comes in a wrong time.just like now,im on my way home riding in ry's ter:)
and here comes the heavy rain!.xDry hurried but of course we cant stop the rain!.
and it falls.whatever.and at last we're home.we are so wet.and ry stopped fisrt in our house and take a tea.and the rain stops and so ry went home.:)

that's all.LOLX


Saturday, June 6, 2009

breakfast with friends:D

This morning i was really surprise because my friends namely tin,xin yi,ya ta,and daye together with our other classmates(boys) went to our house and fetch me with my classmate's ters:)/(ters is the term we call for skooters).LOL.i'm not that ready to go out with them and so i take a bath as quick as i can so i can't keep them waiting for me:).I think i only did that for 30 mins.!!.imagine?!.taking a bath,changing clothes and what so ever stuffs, i just did it for 30 mins.LOLX.miracle.JOKE.because i was used to do that things for 1 hour and sometimes even more than an hour.see it's almost half!.:).
i dont know why my friends planned to eat breakfast outside.but i enjoyed it absolutely:).and so we ate at lay's restaurant:).one of my favorite.:P and so i ordered my favorite food there:).
and BURP.i sai.LOLx

blog end:).

here are some pictures:)
me and ry:)

daye,me and ry:)

our TERS:)with the boys.
me and him.<3
今天上午,我真的很奇怪,因为我的朋友即沙田,新义,亚大,和我们一起大冶其他同学(男)去我们家取我与我的同学:)/(值是指我们呼吁) '米不是愿意出去与他们同在,所以我洗澡那么快,我可以,所以我不能让他们等着我.:)我想我只能这样做了30分钟.!.想象!.洗澡,换衣服,什么东西都这样,我只是做到了30 我是用来做的事情为1小时,有时甚至超过了它的将近一半!.:). 我不知道为什么我的朋友们准备

im loving it.xD

yes.yes.:) this is my first post here in blogger.xDD and so i admit i love it.and i just dont know why.and i hope so that this word "love" here will be forever.LOL.

YARMI CHENG,simple but cute name.right?.LOL.just kidding.
i just celebrated my 18th birthday yesterday(june 5 '09) and i admit i so love it.xD!.as in super.imagine i dont expect to be having 18 roses,candles,dances,special gifts.etc..:)
my family said it was all my sisters' plan and of course with the permission and support of my parents.:).Unfortunately, i cant post them yet cause the camera that was used is in the studio because the pictures will be developed.and so to tally my 18 birthday.i super love it.100%.

wait.let's not talk about my birthday i think i gonna share the time after my birthday.GOSH!,i absolutely TIRED.ow i guess im not the only one of course,my family also:).but imagine im wearing shoes with heels and so dance and dance and dance.i should be active in the party because obviously im the celebrant:).every visitor i should talk/entertain them.and guess what?!.i enjoyed it.


i guess my blog now is long for you to read and for me to share.^^

until here only:).


YM: yarmiloveskawaii

wretch: SECRET.xD

those are my accounts only.



简单而可爱?.开玩.我只是庆祝我18岁生日昨日( 6月5日2009 我承认,我这么爱我不期望有18玫瑰,蜡烛舞蹈特别g")家人说这是我所有的姐妹的计划和课程的许可和支持我的父母.:).我不能把它们尚未造成相机所用的,因为在录音室的照片将如此吻合我国18 超级爱.100%.不是谈论我的生日